Challenge Yourself

From time to time here at FE Fitness, we like to challenge our clients! So why not come along and challenge yourself! Each challenge is unique and will help set individual targets, from which you can test your fitness levels, set new goals and achieve them!

The Punisher

45 Minutes to see how many circuits you can complete!

Each circuit consists of;

• 10 x Squats   • 10 x Burpees   • 10 x Long Jumps then Steps back   • 10 x Squat Thrusts   • 10 x Press-Ups to Planks   • 10 x Press Ups   • 10 x Car Tyre Slams
• 21s (7 x Cruches, 7 x Reach Through Sit Ups, 7 x Full Sit Ups)   • 5 x Laps Around Court

Name Circuits Completed



Steph 4
Hayley 4
Joanne 4

Have you got what it takes…?