Based in Wimblington near March, Cambridgeshire, we offer a fitness camp and personal training service designed to get you results whatever your level of fitness. We run our fitness camp from purpose built facilities at the Parkfield Sports Club, with all weather surfaces and showers and our Personal Training Service can be held wherever you feel most comfortable.

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    2 years ago

    Starting Friday off with my FE Fitness Fam 😍

    Workout done by 7am βœ…

    Happy Friday 😊

    2 years ago

    πŸ™Œ EPIC RESULTS from Sam Flint who has just completed our 6 week Programme πŸ™‚

    One of the nicest blokes I’ve met πŸ‘

    Sam has been coming to at least 3 sessions a week, followed our ... See more

    2 years ago

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our lovely Team member Laura Morris πŸ”₯

    😍 14.5 inches & 7lbs lost in just 14 days πŸ™

    Awesome work Laura, More Epic Results to come 😎

    2 years ago

    Monday morning Squad Starting the week together πŸ‘Š

    Awesome work Team Super Proud of all of you 😍

    Wake up with determination Go to bed with Satisfaction πŸ’ͺ 😎

    2 years ago

    Happy Friday πŸ€—
    Motivation right here πŸ‘Š
    Workout done by 7am πŸ”₯

    2 years ago

    πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠAdapt & Overcome πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

    Frances Doncaster -14lbs 😍

    After twisting her pelvis & slipping her disk in an accident during Rugby πŸ‰ just a couple of years ago, despite her horrendous ... See more

    2 years ago
    Photos from FE Fitness's post

    Epic Wednesday with these Goal kicking Legends 😍

    2 years ago
    Photos from FE Fitness's post

    Monday πŸ‘Š

    06:15 & 09:30 Squad Smashing the Pads πŸ’ͺ

    Evening Crew we are ready for you πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

    2 years ago
    Photos from FE Fitness's post

    Fantastic morning sessions with the Team yesterday & today πŸ‘Š

    Every muscle in the body worked πŸ€—

    β˜€οΈ Summer bodies are made in the Winter πŸ’ͺ

    2 years ago


    9 months in the FE Fitness Team & still hitting goals each week πŸ’ͺ

    Natalie & Jane are two of our Amazing members who come 3-4 times a week & have been getting Results ... See more

    β€œ Results happen over time, not overnight. Work Hard, stay consistent and be patient ”

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