Hey beautiful bootcamps.  How’s tricks?  I hope everyone is still making sure they take time out for themselves and are keeping up with the positive thoughts. No negativity please!!!!!!

So, shock horror I’ve had another good month in the world of food and fitness.  I’ve made some good positive progress in making me feel happier about myself and it got me thinking, why now am I seeming to be able to be kind to myself and keep myself in a place I am happy with when before I just couldn’t seem to do it! So, thought it would be a good time to talk a bit about motivation.  What motivates people, how do you get motivated and how do you stay motivated?

So, what motivates you?  It could be a specific event like a party or a wedding, it might be wanting to look better in clothes, it might be wanting to feel healthier or to be able to play with kids without getting out of breath.  It might be wanting to stay active as you get older.  It’s so important to have a ‘why’ to be able to keep that in mind and keep your eyes on the prize. Think about aiming for a pull goal of where you want to get to rather than a push goal of trying to get away from something.  The thought of hitting your goals will be so much more exciting and motivating than trying to run away from something negative.  My ‘why’ at the moment is having a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that I want to get back into and feel amazing in again! Not that we have anywhere nice to go right now but one day!!!!

So now you’ve set your goal and you’re good to go I’m going to now suggest setting mini goals. You’ve obviously got the overall goal in mind, but you so so need mini goals to strive for.  The big goal can seem too far away and can leave you feeling disheartened or frustrated so breaking it down into baby steps can make it seem more achievable.  And so important that when you hit those mini goals, be they weight/inch loss or running a bit further/faster or lifting a bit heavier, you reward yourself and celebrate your achievement. When I was at my biggest, I remember going on a spa day and not being able to do the gown up. Everyone else seemed to be floating around the spa without a care in the world and I felt so so out of place and that I didn’t deserve to be there.  It massively affected me mentally and I was so determined that the next time I had a spa day I would be able to at least make the edges meet.  When I went and nailed that mini goal the feeling was unbelievable!  And the day I managed to lift a new water bottle on the cooler at work you’d have thought I’d climbed Everest the way I celebrated!!! Silly to some people but a massive victory to me as I knew I was getting stronger.

So how do you motivate yourself?

  • Share your journey with likeminded people. According to data from Strava people who exercise with friends are 22% more active than those who go it alone. So, we’re already in the awesome position with being part of our fantastic team.  Even now when we can’t be together face to face, we are able to see each other online and we have our inspiring Facebook community to share our journeys.  We may not all have the same goals but we have the same determined mindsets so we can achieve our own individual goals supporting each other along the way.
  • Get mindful around food. We make lots of food decisions every day – but we aren’t aware of some of them Instead we rely on routines and habits. We eat in our cars, on public transport and at our desks. When we see or smell food, we might just grab it and eat it. Pause before you make choices and ask yourself, “Is this the smartest choice I can make right now? What might be better?” Really look at when you’re perhaps aimlessly grazing and try and change those habits. Oh, while we’re on food I still haven’t had a binge this year!!!! Don’t get me wrong I have gone over calories some days, but I’ve tracked it all and there has been no secret eating! Go me!!!
  • Don’t overdo it. You know how it is, you’ve decided on a new regime and you are super motivated and buzzing to get started, with more enthusiasm than a Duracell Bunny. But bear in mind you really don’t want to burn yourself out and put yourself off doing more exercise or too tired to get the most out of a workout! It’ll be far far better to make a decision to have a regular and sustainable regime for yourself. That’s why Paul would never suggest doing all 10 sessions a week!
  • Don’t be intimidated. It’s so important to recognise that every single person is on their own personal fitness journey.  Don’t focus on someone else who might be lifting heavier, running faster than you, taking less breaks during sessions – the fact that you’re doing it is a massive achievement and you should absolutely be proud of yourself. And remember they have goals that are different to yours.  You do you!!!
  • Overcome the obstacles. Okay, so you’ve skipped a session or faceplanted all the food over the weekend. Who hasn’t? The secret, when it comes to retaining your motivation, is kindness – towards yourself. Everyone has a bad day, so don’t worry about it. Remember that every day is also a new day, too. If you miss a session, it’s not the end of the world. Just make sure you don’t let it continue too long and just get back on it!
  • Find the balance! As we touched on last month, restricting often leads to bingeing so allow yourself treats and life is way way too short not to have that slice of cake with a coffee with a fab friend or a drink or 3 with friends.  There should be absolutely no guilt. Years ago, when I was attempting to shift my weight, I did a crazy diet for 6 weeks where I had 600 calories a day.  Yes, that is not a typo, I had 600 measly calories a day in the form of sachets of mush! I had no idea about nutrition and just wanted a quick fix.  I had zero social life during those 6 weeks and was quite frankly a bitch to be around! And guess what, when I came to my senses and stopped the mush, I put all the weight back on in record time.  You live and learn hey!!!

So, staying motivated then.  What can we do to stay on the path we want to be on?

  • Positive thinking. You know you can do it and when you think it’s too hard tell yourself it’s not and you can do it!  Positive mental attitude peeps!!!!
  • Check in on your goals -may change over time so best to update them as and when. Mix things up if you need to to stay motivated.
  • Celebrate the non-scale victories like clothes feeling looser, resting heart rate is lowered, feeling healthier, skin better, sleeping better, feeling stronger, more energy, finding an exercise you once found hard has got easier.
  • Don’t go by the scales for progress. After all they are just a moment in time and massively affected by water, time of the day, hormones etc. That’s why it’s so important to take photo’s and measurements to see progress.
  • Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Appreciate you’re on a journey towards your end goal and appreciate every step on the way!
  • Tell people if you see they are doing well and making positive changes. We all know how nice it is to hear nice things and it definitely spurs us on.  Spread the love.  It not only makes the receiver feel happy it gives us a warm glow knowing we have put a smile on someone’s face.  Well it does me! Look at the amazing comments Sarah got when her 4 week progress pictures were shared recently.
  • Commit to sessions, commit to giving it your best, commit to making healthy choices, commit to not comparing to others, commit to being kind to yourself. Just commit to yourself.

‘Remember no one is you and that is your superpower’

Oh, finally I can’t not mention Jason this month.  You are a total machine and I am in awe of your challenges and in particular this months’.  I cannot even comprehend doing the amount of running you are doing (and crazily with a weighted vest!).  Such a brilliant cause and you are totally smashing it.  Hats off to you Sir.

Have a fab month beauties and speak next month!

Love and hugs