Hi gang.  Hope you’re all doing well and had the January you planned for on the fitness and food front!!! If you did fanbloodytastic, if you didn’t, no biggie, you just keep going!

Well firstly, paint me green and call me a cucumber as I’ve actually had a really really good month (she says very quickly and quietly) and totally smashed the exercise and food and actually feeling so so good at the moment.  I say quickly and quietly so that the other side of my brain doesn’t catch wind of this situation and attempts to sabotage things!!!

So I actually started being sensible again on Monday 28th December as I was feeling so sluggish and just rubbish really so decided I was going to re-introduce my body to the lesser known food group of vegetables and liquid in the form of water not alcohol!!! She wasn’t overly impressed for a few days and we had some strong binge urges to deal with but she soon got with the programme and was pretty compliant on the whole!!!!

Which leads me nicely onto this months’ topic (did you see what I did there!!!?) of binge eating!!!

According to BEAT (eating disorder charity) approximately 9% of the UK have an eating disorder and around 22% of those people have a binge eating disorder.  That number sounds pretty scary to me! Now I’m obviously no medical expert (please do seek professional advice if you feel you should) but I have definitely had and continue to have my issues with bingeing/disordered eating and for me my nemesis is snacking big time in the evenings to the point of making myself feel sick on occasion. And so to some strategies/tips for dealing with binge eating that have helped me and I hope will help anyone else who might need it:

To start with I always find the bingeing is far far less when I am eating mindfully.  If I am planning, fully tracking, drinking plenty of water and making sure I eat all 3 meals and still making sure I allow for so called ‘naughty’ treats then I am off to a strong start. I use a planner to plan the week ahead and log everything I’m eating as well as using My Fitness Pal – doubling my work I know but there is something about writing things down that seems to keep me focused.  I have a section to consider anything in the coming week that may potentially cause me a setback so I’ve already addressed it before it happens.  I also write down any feelings around food as it is a good way to observe food habits to potentially prevent the same things triggering a binge.

If I do have a binge (which I will and half the battle for me is accepting that at times I will succumb to the little devil on my shoulder) the best thing I can do is get back on track as soon as possible, not berate myself for it and just pick myself up and start again.  I will not restrict food to compensate or over exercise as punishment for the binge but I will get back to tracking and see if I can understand what caused my binge.  Ultimately I put it behind me and crack the hell on.  Sometimes it’s not so easy to do that really quickly but I think it gets quicker when you don’t dwell on it.

I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t have people around me that enable or encourage (either on purpose or subconsciously) me to binge or are critical of me but that hasn’t always been the case so another tip is to limit time with those people if at all possible or develop a strategy to deal with them!

I also think it’s so so important to make time for yourself.  A period of just stillness with no phone, other people or any other distractions. Whether I spend that time just sat thinking with a coffee or out walking or writing down some thoughts in my planner it is time for me.  I try to make time for self-positivity rather than self-criticism.  We are all guilty of being too hard on ourselves so why not think about things that we are proud of about ourselves.  For every negative thought replace it with a positive one. Consider this an order from me and actually give yourself 15 mins to sit on your own and have positive thoughts about yourself.   Write them down if you want to but just do it.  Are you listening………………….do it! We’re all bloody brilliant and need to remind ourselves of that and why we are!

Right now you’ve all done as you’re told, keep doing it all the time.  No more negativity and only positive thoughts.  If you’ve had what you deem a bad day, week or month give yourself some slack and consider what has gone well and what can go well from here on in because don’t forget you’re bloody brilliant!!!!

If you’re totally in the right head space and pretty much nailing life right now then go you and you go and damn well celebrate it!

Anyway, I’ve waffled enough for this month me thinks. Hoping this may help and it if it does help one person then I’ll be as happy as a pig in you know what! If anyone just wants a chat about anything then do get in touch. The power of a chat with someone is immense and should not be underestimated.

Till next month beautiful, brilliant bootcampers!!!

Oh but first it’s cheesy quote time!!!  This time in the form of a picture which I think speaks absolute volumes.

Massive love and hugs