January blues?……not for us at FE Fitness thankyou.

So who’s already thinking “new year, new me”?

Let’s think about this somewhat overused phrase realistically.  People seem to feel pressured into making the coming year the one where they lose weight and get fit but set crazy ambitious goals where they need to see results in a matter of days/weeks with ridiculously low calorie/faddy diets that become popular every January.  But there can be a different way which is sustainable and doesn’t make us grumpier than yet another covid lockdown announcement!

But first, me!  I’m not sure that everyone knows me and my ‘fat, to thinner to kind of fluffy round the edges again story’ but let me enlighten you!

So I’m Katherine/Kat depending on who is talking to me. I was once mahoosive. We’re talking 5ft 7 inches and 20 stone plus. The biggest number I saw on the scales was 19st 4lbs but I know I was heavier at times! Anyway in August 2015 something clicked in my head and at 17 and a half stone I was ready to make some changes. No idea why then but thankfully I embraced it.  Fast forward a couple of years and I had lost 6 stones with healthy eating.  Pretty slow going some might think but I like to think it was the best way to do it as I still had a life and I still ate and drank all the stuff the experts say you shouldn’t and more importantly I like to think I didn’t become Kat who was on a diet all the time and all she did was bang on about it and couldn’t have fun!!!  In short I was loving life, barely exercising apart from a bit of walking and then along came FE Fitness and shit got even more real and more fun!!!!

I went to my first session on 6th November 2017 and went along thinking there is no way I am going to fit in with these crazy outdoor exercise types.  (why why why would you want to work out in the cold, dark and crazy unpredictable British weather).  Turns out I became one of those crazies and I’ve never left or intend to!!!  At some point the following year, Paul and Rhian (probably drunk) asked me about training to become a fitness instructor.  Me………that fat girl who apparently had a prettyish face and nice hair (but was fat!!) training to train other people! Madness!! Anyway I only bloody did it and actually started to think people didn’t see me as the fat one anymore. Trust me, your head takes way way longer to catch up that you’re not still that big girl.

So fast forward to the weird world of 2020 which I’m not going to lie, like others, has had its’ ups and downs for me diet and fitness wise.  I had weeks where I thought I could conquer the world with fitness and had the most impressive eating habits then I have had other weeks where I indulged in every beige food I could find and would have happily done an Augustus Gloop (Charlie and the chocolate factory reference) and fallen head first into a chocolate lake and also got stuck up the tube like him! But hey I’m human and at times I’ve been way way too harsh with myself. It’s been a crazy time and I’d imagine there will be a lot of people, like me, entering 2021 bigger than we were when it started.  But I refuse to beat myself up.  I can’t change what is done so what’s the point on wasting the energy chastising myself.

Let’s think about 2021 then….I am definitely not going to be setting myself unachievable goals like be running a marathon in 6 weeks or lose a stone in a month!  I want to carry on living the life I love and I want to be in the mindset I was in when I started my weight loss journey all those years ago.  Slow and steady most definitely wins the race.  6 stone over 2 years is 3 stone a year, 1.5 stones every 6 months and works out to 0.8lbs a week which now I’ve actually worked it out for the first time I am actually damned proud of as I turned 40 during that time and went crazy for 2 weeks gaining almost a stone not to mention so many other celebrations and holidays and some pretty flimsy other reasons to indulge.  So averaging 0.8lbs a week was good going I reckon. So if I wasn’t put off thinking 6 stones was too big a goal I sure as hell don’t need to be put off a stone or so this time around.  I will be putting no pressure on myself.  I know I will have good days and I know I will have bad days but I also know I will do it as I have done it before!

I’m promising myself that I will do the following:

  • Track, track, track food (everything, not just the good bits as I’ve been known to do!!!!)
  • Attend/zoom at least 3 bootcamp sessions a week
  • Try some new recipes to mix things up
  • Lots of walking
  • No guilt around food
  • Never give up no matter what the setback are!!!!

So nothing earth shatteringly exciting from me but I know how I motivate myself best and that is it.  It may be different for different people and everyone has their own path. Some may have a direct route and others may take the scenic route with many many detours like me!

So if you’re still reading this I’m going to give this blog type malarkey a go and keep you all posted on the life and times of me and the rollercoaster of fitness and food! If you are still reading and think ‘god no, shut her up’ you’ll be pleased to hear it’ll only be once a month or so and please feel free to scroll on past the ramblings of a 40 plus woman!!!

For those that are sticking around with me, buckle up, as it might be a bumpy ride but we’re on it together and we’ll ride it out one way or another!  Probably by moaning but it’s good to moan I think and I do it so well!!!

Oh while I remember, you’re also going to see my ugly mug every so often taking the sessions.  I’ve really missed designing sessions so want to get back to writing and delivering them.  I previously had a bit of a reputation as being tough so brace yourselves!!!!  And no, I won’t be giving a warning when it’s me!!! Cue evil laughing!!!!!!

Let’s do this beautiful bootcampers!!!  Here’s to 2021 and more fun times with you guys.

But first a cheesy quote which I actually really like:

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year”

Love and hugs,