On the 20th February our lives were totally flipped upside down by the arrival of Stanley the Springer Spaniel puppy!!!! Now I knew a puppy would be a lot of hard work but I was not prepared for this level of chaos and with it my well rehearsed and completely trusted routines of exercise have been well and truly tested and I’m not going to lie it totally freaked me out that I was not in control.  I am definitely a creature of habit and like to plan everything much to my partners annoyance, at times, when it’s months ahead!!!

I’m used to a good 7-8 hours of decent sleep a night so that was a shock to the system taking it in turns to go out for toilet trips during the night.  I also used to hit my step target every day and I used to get a lovely little buzz from my fitbit when I got 9 out of 9 hours for my steps.  So apparently those days are gone!!!

But I decided after a few days that instead of getting myself worked up about the situation I needed to get a grip and, in the words of Paul, adapt and overcome.  There was no point getting annoyed with myself for not being able to do what I was doing BS (Before Stanley!).  So, I’m not always hitting step targets, I’m not doing as many sessions and not always doing my usual early morning sessions but I’m doing my best. And strangely I find I am actually working harder in sessions as I kind of have it in my head that I need to give it my all in case I miss any sessions and to keep moving as much as I can in the rest periods to at least get a few more steps in!

Some days I’ve not had enough calories and not hit my macro targets as puppy play/training/toileting (Stanley, not me!!) means I have less time for planning so I know I need to keep my eye on that because as much as it means I’m seeing the scales go down I know the lower calories are not good long term and I know those macro targets are more important, for me, when working out.  However, I am totally proud of myself as I have still tracked everything in my planner and on My Fitness Pal. I still feel as determined to get back to where I was a couple of years ago as I did when I got my head back in the game at the end of last year. Perhaps even more so as I can see and more importantly feel the changes happening.

Do you know what, this period of time where I have felt out of control and out of my comfort zone has actually made me realise I do not need to be so strict with the number of steps I get/workouts I do and made me realise the importance of rest days and that relaxing is not wasting time and being unproductive is not a waste of time.  So, I think whilst Stanley has, at times, stressed the hell out of me and has reduced me to frustrated tears on occasion, he has been a blessing in more ways than he realises and made me chill out and not be so strict and hard on myself!

So, for now my plan has slightly changed but I will never ever change my goal so I know I will not fail.  I will just continue to adapt and overcome!

I hope you guys haven’t minded my sleep deprived ramblings too much this month for a change.

Have a fab month guys and speak next month! I’m hoping we’ll be in more of a routine with Stanley by then and things might be getting back to normal for me.  But if not, then so be it! Such is life!

Oh and here is a photo of the reprobate who is clearly up to no good for a change!!!!

Love and hugs